Live Audio Recording

Myke Mazzei ~ Concert Recording-Editing-Mixing

To record-edit-mix your live performance into a release-ready gem for your live album, your fans, or your archives.

• I’ve been recording and editing live concerts for fun, for over a decade, and I’d love to make your band’s performance sound and flow seamlessly.
• I make very gentle use of EQ, compression and effects to make sure your art shines through in the end.
• I can record you in a venue or in a studio setting, and I can do the mix, even if someone else recorded it.


• Graydon James & The Young Novelists
• Clara Engel
• MJ Cyr
• Marcus Walker
• Tom Glenne
• Leah Hunter
• Megan Jerome
• Jeremy Parnell
• Hobson’s Choice


Peter Boyd – Amazing Grace (2011)  •  Engineered & Mixed by Myke Mazzei  •  Bandcamp

Quirky indie folk, recorded via portable studio
Will Gillespie – Make It Home (2014)
Engineered & Mixed by Myke Mazzei

Full Studio production (jazz)
Sarah Jerrom – Wild Garden (2007)
Engineered by Myke Mazzei

Myke Mazzei (MATT-zay)